Rural Catholic Church campaign raises $1.4 Million toward $1.7 Million Goal

An article can be found at, about a capital campaign I am leading. Great little church!! read more

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Top Twenty Criteria for Successful Grants

For a PDF of my top 20 list of criteria to bring home a successful grant, just click the NPS Learning tab in the Services drop down list. read more

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Generational Perspective is Factor in Seeking Major Gifts

The past months have been an amazing period in our history in terms of the range of talent, demographics, age, diversity and platforms of our presidential candidates. Our chosen president now has a financial crisis to remedy, and nonprofits continue to be concerned about giving trends in our down economy, asking "How long until we rebound?" read more

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From Antagonist to Friend

Several months ago, while meeting with various staff and volunteers during the early organizational phase of a capital campaign, I asked, “Who does not like your agency?” I continued by explaining that, ideally, this would be someone of influence in the community, someone who could help or hurt the campaign if he or she spoke to the decision makers of foundations, corporations, or potential donors of larger potential gifts. read more

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Meet Me At El Ducko’s

The first call came December 21. I didn't recognize the name of the caller, but she seemed to know who I was. The conversation started with, "Connie, my sister said I needed to call you. She said you and your firm could help me save our school." Whew. No pressure. read more