Lakewood United Methodist Church Celebration Sunday a Success

The Lakewood United Methodist Church restoration and renovation campaign “Celebration Sunday” took place November 17th.  Over $506,000 was donated by the congregation for the capital projects and an additional $200,000 was pledged for the 2014 annual campaign.  It appears the congregation is well on track to meeting its goal to begin construction in January on [...] read more

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Rural Catholic Church campaign raises $1.4 Million toward $1.7 Million Goal

An article can be found at, about a capital campaign I am leading. Great little church!! read more

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Top Twenty Criteria for Successful Grants

For a PDF of my top 20 list of criteria to bring home a successful grant, just click the NPS Learning tab in the Services drop down list. read more

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Generational Perspective is Factor in Seeking Major Gifts

The past months have been an amazing period in our history in terms of the range of talent, demographics, age, diversity and platforms of our presidential candidates. Our chosen president now has a financial crisis to remedy, and nonprofits continue to be concerned about giving trends in our down economy, asking "How long until we rebound?" read more

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Do They Know You? Developing Relationships with the Next Giving Generation

On numerous occasions I have written about how the life experiences of four generations could impact giving patterns – The Great Depression generation (my grandfather), the WWII generation (my father), the Boomers (me), and the Sesame Street generation (my daughter). read more

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Your Gift Chart: A Bother, Or Your Road Map to Success?

If you decide to take a backpacking trip in to the wilderness, you will most likely take a map and a compass to help you stay on track and reach your desired destination. You will study topographical maps and have “benchmarks” along the way to measure your progress. read more

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Embracing Partnerships for Capital Campaign Success

Collaborations or partnerships can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful capital campaign, especially in communities where nonprofits vie for the same pool of foundation and corporate support. Competition for financial resources is greatly reduced by partnering with organizations with compatible missions that are targeting a common goal or community need. The added strength to the case provided by working with multiple partners helps get the project accomplished in the most efficient, effective way for the community. read more

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Building a Culture of Philanthropy

I was recently asked to be a presenter at a major regional conference. My topic is to be “How to Build a Culture of Philanthropy.” As I have prepared for this presentation, I have become aware that this topic appears to be fairly straightforward. But it is, in fact, quite complex. read more

Grantwriting A-Z

A is for accuracy Imagine a conference table surrounded by 14 busy professionals and influential community leaders. The Executive Director of the Foundation and a key Program Officer are also at the table. Next to each of them are stacks of grant proposals that have been mailed to them for review prior to this allocations [...] read more

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Foundation Program Officers – A Link to Your Campaign’s Success

Twenty-six years ago, when I submitted my first proposal to a major foundation for a capital campaign, I would have told you the most important person to know at a foundation is a key board member or trustee. read more

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