Strategic Planning

Business and organizational success begins with a plan.  It is a simple recipe:  Have a plan.  Work your plan.

An overall plan – or Strategic Plan – includes financial, staff, board, fundraising, marketing, sustainability and growth goals that are consistent with and support your mission.

Often the centerpiece of a Strategic Plan are collaborative work sessions with Mission Possible, staff and volunteer leadership where critical areas are outlined and analysis and discussion of the following areas takes place:

  1. Current organizational situation
  2. Environmental, economic and industry trends
  3. Implications of present conditions translated into budgets and work programs
  4. The strengths and weaknesses of the organization, its programs and services, and the constituencies it serves
  5. Like-minded organizations that outlines opportunities and threats within the marketplace; and
  6. A review of current and future funding streams for the organization.

Once you the work sessions are complete, Mission Possible develops a plan tailored to your needs and inclusive of NPS Best Practices such as:

  • Plans are consistent with and support your mission;
  • Plans include consideration for community needs and organizational capacity;
  • All stakeholders – staff, volunteer leaders, program personnel, donors, families –  are included in the planning process;
  • Implementation is monitored and updated annually; and
  • Plans are designed to move your organization forward in a thoughtful manner, allowing for adjustments as necessary to accommodate changes in assumptions or economic climate.