“Having known Constance for 15 years and worked with her on many projects, I recommend her as being innovative, creative and reliable. She is a ‘can-do’ person who effectively gets the job done on time and within the budget.”
Gary Pearce, Owner, Cedar Outdoor Furniture
“I’ve had the pleasure of co-presenting with Connie at nearly a dozen conferences and training programs, and it’s consistently an enjoyable experience. She’s knowledgeable, articulate, professional, and always prepared. Connie has an impressive ability to connect with her audience, plus a wealth of real experiences to cite as practice examples.”
Matthew Cottle, California Polytechnic State University
“I have worked with Connie for the past 2 years as a consultant for Jeffrey Byrne & Associates, Inc. I am always impressed with the depth of her knowledge as it comes to fundraising. She is great at putting clients at ease and leading them in the direction they need to go. She was great in the YMCA and now continues to be one of the best at fundraising counsel. Also, there is nobody better at Kresge Grants!”
Gary Rick, Vice President, Jeffrey Byrne & Associates, Inc.
““Constance volunteered her time and expertise and exhibits great follow-up attention. She has great listening skills and has been an effective sounding board for us.”
Lois DiGiacomo
“I have known Connie for a long time as a YMCA colleague, but recently we retained her and her company Mission Possible to help with a grant proposal we were completing. Because of her tremendous experience and outstanding knowledge of grant writing and fund development we were able to obtain one of 15 grants that were being awarded nationwide. She provided us with excellent guidance and outstanding writing skills to help us receive this grant, one which we probably could not have achieved on our own. She is professional in every way and a tremendous help and resource.”
Keith Lands, CEO, Tuscarawas County YMCA
“Connie Clark has been a great help in guiding our school in building a focused strategic plan that we are using to move our organization forward. She knows her area of expertise well and does it. She is able to get people involved with the projects at hand and she keeps them progressing along. Connie will help your organization’s dreams become reality.”
J.  Howard Pizor
“I have had the privilege of working with Connie over the last year and a half as she has been our consultant for our capital campaign to build a Hospice House. Connie has brought exceptional knowledge and experience in fund raising and the details of how to run a capital project from beginning to end. She has met and exceeded the goals that she was hired to reach and has given direction on countless nuances of fund raising that have been critical in our success thus far. Connie’s grant writing skills are well honed as she has experience that has lead us to applying for and receiving grants throughout the time I have known her. Her enthusiasm and drive have made her a exceptional fund raiser and consultant.”
Kasey Rippel, Hospice of Tuscarawas
“Connie leads by example. She has a strong work-ethic and the perseverance to overcome obstacles. Connie is often tasked with difficult problems that require critical thinking skills because she has an exceptional capacity for multi-tasking and problem-solving. When working with employees and volunteers, she inspires trust through candor and transparency.”
Elizabeth DeFrancesco, Middletown Area Family YMCA
“I have known Constance for 40 years. I know how dedicated and enthusiastic she is with every project that she is involved in. Recently, my agency reviewed a project Constance had prepared, it was topnotch. Any client would be lucky to have a consultant like her.”
Ed Tester, Technology Specialist, Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Assn.